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Your Fisherman's Advantage

The lake has thousands of bass that are easily caught all year on a variety of lures, crank baits, spinners and worms. My personal experiences included using top-water Yellow Magic, Zara Spook, Pop-r's and similar top water baits in the mornings and evenings. In most cases the bass preferred a slow, deliberate retrieve while other times they desired a lure that was aggressive. Your guide will help a lot in the areas that you will fish or use your own personal expertise. Most of the rest of the day we used Zoom Magnum watermelon-red or green-pumpkinseed lizards with a 1/4 - 3/8 oz. slip sinker on 20 lb. flouro-carbon line with a 4* Gamagatzu EWS hook. Senko, as of lately, has become the #1 plastic worm bait rigged with a special Senko wt. and fished wacky style in the colors of green-pumpkinseed, watermelon-red or any dark color was suitable. I have heard lately that chrome blue-black rattle traps are working well as are watermelon-red wacky worms.

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